Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Card Madness

Increasingly with every passing year, Christmas seems right around the corner once Thanksgiving slips by. And here it is again! But this time I'm armed with CARDS. Oh sure, I've made hand-drawn Christmas cards before, but this year, I really went all out. (the ones pictured here are only HALF of them) I've lined them up on my coffee table for your viewing pleasure. (Please excuse the washed out shots my crappy camera created. I think its lens is damaged or something and I hope to get a better camera soon.)

Some are "nice". (Cutesy reindeer and talking stockings abound)

And some are "naughty". (Check out Santa's outfit)

An occasional menorah pops up for a few Jewish friends, and an occasional robot pops up because they're fun to draw, and Dolly Parton makes a Christmas appearance for a coworker who's her #1 fan. And yes, those are two huge ornaments she's holding up.

I finished them all just in time for the holidays with hardly any time to spare. I really hope they arrive in time for everyone!