Friday, July 28, 2006

"Shady Characters" Opening Reception

Hey everybody!
It's Friday...and tonight from 6 to 9 is the "Shady Characters" art opening! I've got three pieces in the show (including the one above), so come on out!!! Below is all the info:

The exhibit is displayed at the "Live With Animals" gallery at 210 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. 11211 (Entrance on Metropolitan).

In addition to fantastic art they've also signed up a few really great djs to play your favorite rock, punk & metal jams! "Shady Characters" will feature rotating sets by Miss Chip, Damien Rod Steez, and Walletboy!!! Also... there will be an after party at Savalas 285 Bedford Ave. (between South1st & Grand)

The show is titled "Shady Characters" & will pretty much be just an explosion of incredible character design! Shady Characters are everywhere in every city & suburb. Whether it be the nutjob on the subway, or that weirdo guy w/ the front-butt at the office, shady characters always manage to find their way in to our every day lives. "Shady Characters" is simply a tribute to all of the creepers and tweakers, outcasts and outlaws, and freaks and geeks, we encounter daily. As much as they creep us out, they equally fascinate us... but don't make eye contact... you don't want to stare!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Warning Signs

An illustration about relationship road hazards for gay gentlemen. I've never seen a construction worker like that...but hey, it could happen, right? I have, however, weathered the other dangers, with a mixture of success and failure.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shady Characters

Hey everybody, I got three drawings accepted into my first New York art show! The painting above, titled "Masks", is one of the three pieces. I created this in Atlanta before moving here, but my new friend, Jason, thinks this piece is ALL New York. I guess he would know. He's been here 10 (12?) years. Once a Parson's fashion student, he's now head designer for 2xist Men's Underwear! Not bad for someone who's just over thirty – he's completely living the Project Runway lifestyle! Not only that, but he's a super nice guy, too. It must be interesting designing Men's underwear for a living...maybe I can convince him to buy this piece!

Getting back to the topic at hand, check out the official event info. The show is titled "Shady Characters", and you can read more about it here: Good Deal. The curator, Jared Deal, was gracious enough to allow me to submit work, which he added to the exhibit! Several big names in the animation industry from NY, LA, and Toronto are included in the show, so come on out and show your support! The opening reception is Friday, July 28th, from 6 to 9 pm at the "Live with Animals" gallery in Williamsburg. Hope to see ya there!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bad kitty!

Hey people, I put up yet another illustration. Geez...this is becoming less and less a traditional "blog", and more of a digital bulletin board for my drawings. Too many illustration assignments, too little time to write anything!

In any case, this was another NYPress assignment, and I tried to have fun with it. Overall, I think it came out a bit too stereotypically "stock-illustration-esque", but I guess it works. The article was about reading the news, and how newer forms of technology are driving newspapers and other print-media out of existence. It's sad but true. Hopefully, there are enough people out there who still like to curl up with a weekly paper on a Sunday afternoon, to keep it from going out of fashion.

Also, I added a whole bunch more illustrations from the kid's show to my website. I'd love opinions on the site navigation...and does anyone know how to upload movies to a webpage? I'm trying to upload my reel and a few short animations...

Click here!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Here's an illo I did for an article about bad boyfriends. Have you ever been treated like a doormat before? Ever date someone who liked to walk in the door and immediately wipe their feet on you? Ever fall for someone who treated you like dirt stuck to the bottom of their shoe? Ever been infatuated with someone who slowly sucked you into a world of lies and delusion? Or who just ignored you?

I have once. My first-ever boyfriend was pretty lousy. Luckily, the relationship didn't last long, because I was in high school and he was in college, and eventually he had to return to Indiana for his Sophomore year. I like to think I got my first disasterous relationship over pretty quickly.

The key is not to repeat it, and luckily, I learned quickly the first time it happened. I wised up and learned how to avoid the "bad boyfriend". Thankfully, I feel I can say most of my boyfriends since then have been pretty good guys.

You know what they say:
"You have to lie down to be walked on."

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Great Yokai War and "Super-snore"

I saw Superman over the weekend, and it was a bit of a let down after all the hype. Thankfully, Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey (as the villians) kept it somewhat enjoyable. Brandon Routh definitely wasn't to blame, because his performance was eerily spot-on. I guess the trouble for me lies with Kate Bosworth. Her overly serious, joyless Lois Lane fell flat for me. Not to mention my suspension of disbelief was shattered everytime I saw her flung around a plane/beaten by henchmen/knocked unconscious by metal doors, only to emerge bruise-free, and looking as if she just starred in a Revlon commercial. By hey, that's Hollywood!

On the other hand, the most fun I've had at the movies recently was when I went to see "The Great Yokai War". Check out the still (above) from the film! Doesn't that look like fun??? The hilarious part is, it's a kid's movie, yet it was the weirdest, most twisted thing I've seen all year.

Here's a blurb about it, just to pique your interest:
"The flick kicks off in true family film fashion with a nightmare vision of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, a slinky female demoness (played by Chiaki Kuriyama of KILL BILL VOL. 1 and BATTLE ROYALE) in a short skirt and wielding a whip, and then the birth of a goo-covered, flayed, screeching cow fetus who prophesizes the apocalypse. It's a miracle kids in Japan can sleep at all."

Here, read some more:
The Great Yokai War

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New & Improved

Hello friends, Happy 4th of July!

I spent the weekend relaxing, taking in a Madonna concert, watching fireworks, and creating a new identity for my website. Check it out. I'm still tweaking it a bit, but I'm liking where I've arrived so far. My old idea-pen logo still exists in my masthead above, but I think this reworked version is more progressive. What do you think?

Also, check out my portfolio website:
I've added a bunch of new illustrations to the gallery.

Hope you had a great holiday!