Sunday, July 23, 2006

Warning Signs

An illustration about relationship road hazards for gay gentlemen. I've never seen a construction worker like that...but hey, it could happen, right? I have, however, weathered the other dangers, with a mixture of success and failure.


Aliie said...

why are u so awesome?
i love tht car with the hearts falling on it....
u paint magnificently! i wish i could :(
congrats bout the new york art show!

Alina Chau said...

these are awesome, great concept coool design!

Jazzy Justin said...

Wow, thanks aliie and alina! I really appreciate feedback on my illustrations, especially when it's favorable (I also appreciate constructive criticism). It really makes me feel like the design/concept works when people comment on it. I'm glad you liked the car with the falling hearts, aliie, -it was my favorite part of the whole design! Thanks again.

bone. said...

Really nice design signs!

And I have seen a construction worker like that! But only once. He was pulling up pieces of a busted sidewalk. My mother got caught staring but I think I saw him first! :)


Jazzy Justin said...

Hey, thanks bone.!

I'm jealous of your construction worker sighting...sounds hot. :>

I wonder sometimes if seeing hot, shirtless construction workers is a bit like spotting "Nessie".

Based on what I've seen on your blog, I bet you'd do a pretty amazing drawing of your "sighting" story, if you had the inclination. Nice handsome work, you've got over there.

piero said...

i like these drawings a lot. hey did you know ? chic hotels for metrosexuals...u should go there!