Monday, July 28, 2008

The curios that dwell in this cube

A while back I chatted with a few fellow bloggers about being a toy junkie (which means collecting way too many plastic toys/figurines/curios/knick-knacks/etc. for our own good.) Like all the other toy junkies, my inner child cannot resist holding on to these little treasures. I decorate around them and build little obsessive shrines to them. It's a testament to my interest in cartoons, character design, and imaginary worlds.

Despite my serious interest in the collection of these strange little products, I can't help but think that non toy junkies view such collections as tacky displays of kitchy cartoon nostalgia. While one could argue that an adult that collects such trinkets is emotionally stunted or trapped in a permanent adolescence (haha...possible?), I argue that we are the truly enlightened members of adulthood. We've come full circle: from childhood to adulthood, and then back to childhood. We don't take the world seriously. We daydream and live in our heads. We see the humor and irony in these strange mounds of colorful plastic...and we know that in one hundred years, these will be the odd relics that societies in the future will marvel at, tilting their heads in confusion and wonder. Imagine if aliens visited our planet and searched for manmade products to take home with them. Do you really think they'll confiscate some vase from Pottery Barn over some bizarre cartoony figurine? No way, not if they're really advanced.

With that said, I'm devoting this post to pictures of my home's cartoon curios. In part, I am fulfilling a long-overdue promise to my Mom to post pics of my apartment for her to see how I live in New York. Otherwise, this is for all you other artists and toy junkies out there! I wanted to show my work-space and toy decorating inspiration. I hope you enjoy it. I'd love to see your toy junkie collection as well, if you have one. Please keep in mind that due to the size-challenged apartment situation in Manhattan, I've had to...(sob)...appraise and discard part of my collection over the years. But the select few that remain can be seen scattered across my mid-century inspired decor. :)

The center of distraction and procrastination (above)

See that little white cream puff/turd-on-wheels? I couldn't part with that.

My friend, Danita, gave me the Little Enid doll. The elephant and deer were too cutesy and kitchy to not love.

Cupie dolls and a fawn...can it get any more sappy?

My "pride and joy" plush collection. The green whale was a flea market find. The bunny with tie is by Julie Dumolin. "Marty" the pink devil is by Ingri Von Bergen. The little orange guy is from George Widmer, and the green atari-looking dude is by Michael Reagan.

We zoom out to see the whole living room

My architect friends, David and Gloria, gave me this coffee table. It's so mid-century and I LOVE IT.

I designed this cow for Cowparade. The "Hee!" book is by Ivan Brunetti, master of sick comics (the "Misery Loves comedy" book is also by him). Weird, red, nude guy painting in back by awesome street artist.

I can't resist colorful bed spreads.


I love my UFO-inspired salt and pepper shakers on the microwave.

'nuff said.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sip on this for Summer...

Now that we're halfway through Summer, I can't help but wish that time would slow down. There's just too much to do!!! Summertime in Manhattan unleashes a non-stop schedule of film festivals, Summer blockbusters, park activities, and street fairs. It's enough to wish you had all hours of the day to attend everything, but unfortunately, no one has this kind of time (except maybe those lucky trust-funders).

If scientists ever figure out how to tap into those 4th dimensions via wormholes, I sure hope they concoct a method of beaming us to and from to our weekly event destinations. That way, I can finally pack everything I want into my NY summers. My days have become so crammed that I don't have my valuable blogging time anymore. All I can do is try to find these much needed reflective moments in my day. I ain't promisin' nothin', and considering how long ago I posted, there's probably no one listening by now anyhow.

If someone I love is out there still clicking over every once in a while, I want to say thanks. And I also want to share the fabulous news that I have some animation work featured in an independent flick to be released later in the season. It's the much anticipated sequel to "Another Gay Movie"!

It's sure to be a blast, and how could it not be with RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Scott Thompson, and many other big names involved! It's scheduled to open in NY late August, and later, everywhere else. Please go check it out if you get a chance. I got a chance to animate refreshments frolicking and flirting on the beach (see below), and after the jump, you'll see a still from a sequence involving a "louse party" in a character's crotch. Yes, a character's crotch.

The screening dates for the film can be found in the links up above. Even if you don't normally take in this kind of raunchy comedy fare, I hope these animation stills intrigue you! They were such fun to do. I'll have to get them up on You Tube once their audio is finished.

Unlike the crabs these boys unknowingly host, this project definitely didn't arrive overnight. I've been conversing with the director about the animation for quite a while. It's been my biggest freelance gig to date, and I'm excited to see the end result on the BIG SCREEN! From this moment forth I plan on continuing the freelancing as far as it will take me, and hopefully there will be opportunities for blogging throughout. It's always nice to bounce stuff off of an online community.