Friday, January 12, 2007

Mechanical Music

I just finished this drawing/painting for a pair of architect friends who asked for an original piece. It's a belated Christmas gift, and I spent many contemplative moments making all the little visual decisions that went into it. I really hope they like it. It was a tricky commision, because you never know exactly what will tickle someone's fancy when it comes to art they'll hang in their home. I think I'm happy with it at this point, even if it is a little busy! Many of the elements are actual architectural diagrams that I cut out, doodled on, and then glued to a large sheet of watercolor paper. I think it has a silly, musical sort of feel to it. It was fun to do. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

When I work, I usually listen to music, and sometimes that music inspires the art. Here's several recent albums that really got my creative juices flowing. I tend to gravitate towards unusual, otherworldly, and upbeat music when I create. It allows my mind to unhinge from life's daily minutiae.

These albums are all unabashed, electronic pop, and really interesting pop at that. I'm fascinated by how some modern musicians can squeeze warmth and emotions out of synthesizers. Check them out if you get a chance, they've been getting me through these long, cold, gray months here in New York.

"The Future Crayon" by Broadcast

"So This is Goodbye" by Junior Boys

"Freezepop Forever" by Freezepop (who incidentally, are playing in Williamsburg on January 26 at Galapagos!)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to my Baby!

"Happy Birthday, babe! I hope your special day was wonderful and undiminished by recent, neighboring holidays. We've been dating since last Summer, and you continue to surprise me with unending sweetness and kindness. I'm a lucky, lucky guy. I feel blessed to have met you."

I never would've guessed I'd snag such a cute, Brazilian gatinho! Here's to a great ending to 2006, and to a hopeful, prosperous 2007!

Here's more Christmas party images.

Also, I'd like to wish a special Happy New Year shout to my good friends, Stephen and Frances, who have begun their own PittsBlog.

Thank you for spending the holidays with me, since I was unable to fly South to see my family this year. If you're reading this, Mom, I missed you and hope to see you all soon! I'm so glad I got to see you at Thanksgiving. below is a shot from the farm. I owe a special, special thank you to my grandparents, Mimi and J.B., for helping me preservere throught the Fall despite my allergy problems, by lending me asthma medication. I love you.