Friday, January 12, 2007

Mechanical Music

I just finished this drawing/painting for a pair of architect friends who asked for an original piece. It's a belated Christmas gift, and I spent many contemplative moments making all the little visual decisions that went into it. I really hope they like it. It was a tricky commision, because you never know exactly what will tickle someone's fancy when it comes to art they'll hang in their home. I think I'm happy with it at this point, even if it is a little busy! Many of the elements are actual architectural diagrams that I cut out, doodled on, and then glued to a large sheet of watercolor paper. I think it has a silly, musical sort of feel to it. It was fun to do. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

When I work, I usually listen to music, and sometimes that music inspires the art. Here's several recent albums that really got my creative juices flowing. I tend to gravitate towards unusual, otherworldly, and upbeat music when I create. It allows my mind to unhinge from life's daily minutiae.

These albums are all unabashed, electronic pop, and really interesting pop at that. I'm fascinated by how some modern musicians can squeeze warmth and emotions out of synthesizers. Check them out if you get a chance, they've been getting me through these long, cold, gray months here in New York.

"The Future Crayon" by Broadcast

"So This is Goodbye" by Junior Boys

"Freezepop Forever" by Freezepop (who incidentally, are playing in Williamsburg on January 26 at Galapagos!)


Slimbolala said...

Great illo. Love all the little details.

David DeGrand said...

Just wanted to say how absolutely incredible that piece is. I sat and stared at it a good five minutes in awe, great job!

Anonymous said...

Nice illustration, I am sure your friends are quite pleased.

Juicy Justin said...

Thanks so much, you guys. I appreciate the comments. I gave the piece to my friends and they seemed to totally dig it, so that made me happy. Thanks for stopping by.

andrea said...

you are brilliant with the details, mister.

Stephen said...

Wow, that is one wonderfully fun, funny, silly, and beautiful piece. I love, love, love all the small but important flights of fancy and the fact that you could find such inspiration in generic architectural drawings. And the ants! The ants! I know them! Everytime I look at the work I decide something new is my favorite part. The dog? Yes! The robot? Yes! The sculpture in the "museum"? Yes! All of it! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Good thing I know David and Gloria and can steal it from them next time I'm at their place. Moo ha ha ha ha!

tirui said...

love it! so much to look at. my eyes are spinning :)

piero said...

i like how you use the pen and ink. did you ever propose your artwork to the newyorker magazine?

Aliie said...

justin, ur work is brilliant!!
sorry i havent been around much....internet is still on vacation....
will be catching up in feb...
neways i lovee the christmas van:)
keep up the greaatttt suff

LauraBraga said...

great stuff in this blog....

amazing illustration!!

i'll come back to visit your blog for sure!!


GMM said...

Joosy Justy!
I can't remember if it was Gerrit or Steve who mentioned that you posted our artwork on your blog. Since I am still at work (with the high speed connection) I decided to blog on and check it out. I have to tell the world that the image on the web does not do JUSTICE to the real thing. Yes, the work is beautiful and yes we are incredibly lucky to be the recipients of this magnificent piece.

As we break for a special announcement:
Stephen, I guess you’ll just have to come live with us so that you can enjoy this piece on a daily basis!

Back to the show:
I am in awe of your talents, Joyful Justo, and we simply can’t thank you enough. Although speaking of talents, we also have an amazing collection of Stephen D’Andrea photos. Our tiny yucky apartment is so undeserving of such fine art!

We’re extraordinarily blessed to be surrounded by such talented people.