Thursday, February 01, 2007


This is probably the gayest thing i've ever drawn...maybe.

But I like how this little drawing came out. It's sweet, but a little creepy, too...I think.

It's a character that's been floating around in my head for a while and I've been meaning to give birth to him through pen and paper. Of course, no little fey boy should be without a trusty unicorn friend. Maybe I'll write a little story about him and send him on an adventure.


David DeGrand said...

What an awesome drawing, did you color it in Photoshop? Very nice if only ever so slightly on the gay side. You've got to post your Betty Boop drawings!

Jazzy Justin said...

Hey, thanks, man! And yep, it was colored with Photoshop. I'm still working on making that indistinguishable.

I'm going to be starting on some NEW Betty Boop drawings soon, so I'll post 'em when I finish, I promise! Until I get it together, you can still see old Betty's I did in my blog archives...if you feel like looking through them, that is.

tirui said...

just a little bit creepy... but still great!! almost couldn't tell it was in photoshop. your work's great justin! i finally linked you. hey.. i've got some gay stuff on mine too!

Stephen said...

Quite bucolic. I just assumed that glow in the background was coming from the recently melted core of the nuclear power plant in the distance. That would explain many things: the re-emergence of unicorns (though now with extended necks due to mutations in their vertebrae), the newly arranged "human" anatomy featuring shoulders twice as wide as hips (I think they'll be returning to walking on all fours soon), the bare but aura-lined trees, and of course, the band of marauding radioactive starfish (now with extra appendages) advancing from the left. What's creepy about that? It's my Eden.

piero said...

gay? depends on the relationship between the unicorn and the guy...yup yup

Ward Jenkins said...

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is "fey" in this drawing. Or actually, what "fey" is in general. Am I fey?

Very funny character, Justin -- let's see more!