Friday, July 28, 2006

"Shady Characters" Opening Reception

Hey everybody!
It's Friday...and tonight from 6 to 9 is the "Shady Characters" art opening! I've got three pieces in the show (including the one above), so come on out!!! Below is all the info:

The exhibit is displayed at the "Live With Animals" gallery at 210 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. 11211 (Entrance on Metropolitan).

In addition to fantastic art they've also signed up a few really great djs to play your favorite rock, punk & metal jams! "Shady Characters" will feature rotating sets by Miss Chip, Damien Rod Steez, and Walletboy!!! Also... there will be an after party at Savalas 285 Bedford Ave. (between South1st & Grand)

The show is titled "Shady Characters" & will pretty much be just an explosion of incredible character design! Shady Characters are everywhere in every city & suburb. Whether it be the nutjob on the subway, or that weirdo guy w/ the front-butt at the office, shady characters always manage to find their way in to our every day lives. "Shady Characters" is simply a tribute to all of the creepers and tweakers, outcasts and outlaws, and freaks and geeks, we encounter daily. As much as they creep us out, they equally fascinate us... but don't make eye contact... you don't want to stare!


andrea said...

sounds divine... wish we could be there! xo

Mark Ackland said...

I wish I could have been there!!! Looks like it woulda been fun! Your pieces look great!!!

klahd said...

...yeah, I pretty much go to all of those events, especially now that I get to write about them. And yes, he was a date.

Your stuff looked great, as usual.

Jazzy Justin said...

andrea - I wish ya could've been there, too! Ward would've loved it.

mark - Thanks so much for the compliments...but your pins stole the show!

klahd - Thank you for saying that, considering it's been a while. It was a surprise to hear you're writing an article/review of the show. That sounds like a good opportunity for you. -And good for you, bagging that date, he seemed nice. Good to see you're well.

v said...

"front butt"???
i love it! mainly because i've seen the front butt countless times in my life but have always been at a loss for this most fitting term for it. thanks for that, j-man.

you rock hard.
and i'm proud of ya like you was one of my own!!!