Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Pills

It's been a week since I last posted. But I have lots of excuses:

a. I wrapped up the LAST backgrounds for the LAST episode of the kid's show I've been freelancing for...

b. ...therefore, I'm back on the street, busy looking for work.

c. However, that didn't seem to last too long, because I got thrown onto a stressful job designing and creating an animated promo for MTV earlier this week...and it's DUE on Monday!!! (There's goes my weekend!) I'm both excited and stressed working for MTV. It's so cool to do work for that network, but at the same time, their deadlines are RIDICULOUS!

d. I also did this little illo, above, for an article on antidepressants and their side-effects (specifically in the bedroom).

e. So see? I've been busy, and besides, it's TOO DAMN HOT to sit at my computer for any length of time, expending energy to lift my fingers and type. That burns calories, thus heating up my body a few extra degrees, thus making me sweaty and crazy.

As soon as I stop sweating from just sitting stationary in one place, I'll resume my normal cheeriness.

Oh by the way, thanks to all you guys that came out to the "Shady Characters" show! It was a great turn-out! It made my Summer!


piero said...

i like the finger of the pill...
wow you work for MTV...great chance, do it well!

Jazzy Justin said...

Yep...MTV, and luckily the project turned out okay, so maybe they'll hire me again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks for the comment on the finger.

Ward Jenkins said...

Wait, I was wondering about that finger. Is there something that I'm missing? (Or maybe I shouldn't ask?)

It's good to be busy, but it sucks to have crazy deadlines like that. Let us know when it airs, kay?

Jazzy Justin said...

Hey Ward! I'm leaving it up to the viewer to interpret that finger however he/she likes!

And that MTV spot is already airing! It was a cool gig, but an incredibly tough deadline!