Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Latest Craze

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! EEEEEE!!! OOOOMMMMIGODDDDDD!!! (read like a crazed, screaming, teenage Beatles fan)

I found a new group I totally dig. The Pipettes! I'd just about turn straight for them, they're that dreamy.

After listening to the new Peaches album all month (and loving it), I needed a break from the tough, bad-ass act. (don't we all sometimes?) It was then that I chanced upon the Pipettes. They're a girl group from the UK, who sound like they've been brought to the future from the sunny, wholesome, 60's girl-group era.

Don't let their retro stylings fool you though – I think they should be considered post-retro. They're more spunky and individually unique than those smiling "fem-bot-esque" do-wop singers from the past.


cutesypoo said...

they sound soo mod retro!! thanks!

Ward Jenkins said...

I'm curious now, Justin-- I want to check out Peaches as well as The Pipettes! I'm sure I'd be willing to turn straight for them as well. Wait--I AM straight!

Jazzy Justin said...

Hey you guys, I'm glad you're curious about this band. I wouldn't have posted about them if I didn't think they were REALLY peachy keen! And Ward, you can check out Peaches, but I'm not sure if her music is something you would dig. She might turn you OFF women!

hobo divine said...

Some lovely birds there I do say!

v said...

i think they're totally precious!
peaches -- on the other hand. . . well, i like impeach my bush better than anything she's done to date. bet she'll scare the poop outta ward tho! HA! - funny thing is: whether one is straight or otherwise --- THERE'S NOWHERE TO TURN as far as peaches is concerned, eh?

btw - LOVE your "motion" clip!
well done!


Aliie said...

dear justin,
i am in awe...i just seen ur motion clip and without sounding even a wee bit over the top, IM IN LOVE WITH IT. its awesome...no really. congrats ont he mtv job and im sure it will turn out great....
alsoo...i wanted to ask u a technical question...
-how do u use texture on illustrator?
i dunno if u use photoshop or ill, but i really wanna kno cuz i couldnt figure it out.

Jazzy Justin said...

hobo - they're lookers alright! I think all girls have cooties, but I'd switch for them...maybe. Well, at least I'll listen to their music.

v - I love hearing from ya. Your comments always crack me up. I didn't know you were a Peaches listener! Fun! She's diiiiiirty, isn't she?? Anyway, I warned Ward, so we'll see what he thinks! :>
Oh, and thanks for my motion clip compliment! Miss ya!

aliie - You are SO sweet. I really appreciate it! I can't get enough of the HUMOR on your blog! You definitely have a way with words. As far as your technical question, I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know the answer! I use Illustrator a lot, but I've yet to play with its textures. I trust Photoshop more for textures. You can get them more naturally (I think). But to help you, I'm sure if you type "textures in Illustrator" into Google, you'll find some sort of tutorial, right?

v said...

yes she IS diiirty! she's a filthy little "potty-mouth" who should be spanked! (oh wait! that's me)
:-D hee hee!

I MISS U 2, junky justin!!!!!!!

xoxoxoxoxo -

v said...

and 1 mo thang - i don't mean to be a butt-in-ski but i think if aliie scans her illo file into photoshop and then plays with the blur & unsharp mask features to give it the texture she's looking for - she might be extreee ---> :-D <---- happy-like.

hak -

v said...

... and another mo thang:
saw the photo of your sweet mug with your 3 pieces at the live with animals show (good deal).
u b among my most idol-izable artists on account of all that creativity just drippin' out-cho head & onto the page.

okay. that's it for now.
i mean it.
no, this is really the last entry i'll send today.

Jazzy Justin said...

Hahaha...thanks v!!! No, YOU ARE the most idolicious! ^_^

That's cool that you stumbled across that photo. You're just gettin' all around these blogs I guess. You're gonna have to start one! You'd be a great person for it! Your art always inspired me.

I miss ya, and I miss Atlanta. And please, leave as many comments as you want in a day!

Anonymous said...