Friday, July 14, 2006


Here's an illo I did for an article about bad boyfriends. Have you ever been treated like a doormat before? Ever date someone who liked to walk in the door and immediately wipe their feet on you? Ever fall for someone who treated you like dirt stuck to the bottom of their shoe? Ever been infatuated with someone who slowly sucked you into a world of lies and delusion? Or who just ignored you?

I have once. My first-ever boyfriend was pretty lousy. Luckily, the relationship didn't last long, because I was in high school and he was in college, and eventually he had to return to Indiana for his Sophomore year. I like to think I got my first disasterous relationship over pretty quickly.

The key is not to repeat it, and luckily, I learned quickly the first time it happened. I wised up and learned how to avoid the "bad boyfriend". Thankfully, I feel I can say most of my boyfriends since then have been pretty good guys.

You know what they say:
"You have to lie down to be walked on."


Aliie said...

i really really really like the way u REALLY...
" The only people who appreciate a doormat are people with dirty shoes.”

Jared Deal said...

hey justin-
send the image you were thinking of submitting to my email ( so i can check it out. i think we still may have a little bit of space left. i would need any art by the end of next week. it's gonna havta be framed as well (can be cheap so long as it looks nice) also trying to stay away from digital for the show. gimme a shout when you get a chance.

Todd Kauffman said...

sweet - hope your piece makes it doubt with what i see here on the blog - you're a tenlent;)

Jazzy Justin said...

Hey guys, thanks SO MUCH! I really appreciate the compliments and good wishes. It means a lot coming from talent such as yourselves.

Jared, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of the "Shady Characters" show! I'm so psyched! I'm inviting everyone I know to the opening!

Ward Jenkins said...

Me so jealous now! Great illustration and best of luck on the show, kiddo!

hobo divine said...

Ya doormats are JERKS!
(just joking just joking)

I love the illustration.



Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks Ward, thanks are divine.

Ouija said...

SOOOOOO TRUE! Been there done that! Hopefully not to be repeated again!