Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bad kitty!

Hey people, I put up yet another illustration. Geez...this is becoming less and less a traditional "blog", and more of a digital bulletin board for my drawings. Too many illustration assignments, too little time to write anything!

In any case, this was another NYPress assignment, and I tried to have fun with it. Overall, I think it came out a bit too stereotypically "stock-illustration-esque", but I guess it works. The article was about reading the news, and how newer forms of technology are driving newspapers and other print-media out of existence. It's sad but true. Hopefully, there are enough people out there who still like to curl up with a weekly paper on a Sunday afternoon, to keep it from going out of fashion.

Also, I added a whole bunch more illustrations from the kid's show to my website. I'd love opinions on the site navigation...and does anyone know how to upload movies to a webpage? I'm trying to upload my reel and a few short animations...

Click here!


andrea said...

oh justin. I love your stuff so much. the look on that cat's face is perfection.

Jazzy Justin said...

Why, thank you Andrea! I think the look on your face in that last post of yours (with the "costumes") is perfection.

Ward Jenkins said...

Holy Moley! How'd I miss this? All that kid show stuff is FANTASTIC! Of, course, you know that I'd dig that sort of stuff anyway. Great great collection of work, my friend. Oh, and you know I love the line drawings as well. You always have a great sense of character design.

Miss ya.

Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks Ward. I like to think the kid's show stuff adds another dimension to my web portfolio. Hopefully, it makes me more marketable for that market, because I love doing kid's stuff. You're the best!

Mino said...

Hy Justin!
I like too much your website, and i believe is someThing like Zen.
Good work man!