Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Adding it all up

My ongoing wrestle with the art of illustration continues, folks. I'm constantly trying to hone in on a more complete and consistant style for myself. I want my work to exude 100% Justin: 50% style and 50% substance. BOTH are important. I've seen plenty of work that falls on either end of that spectrum. Hopefully, I'm landing somewhere in the middle.

Lately, I've been dedicating myself to three major endeavors: the kid's TV show, the Betty Boop project, and various illustrations for the gay weekly.

Breaking it all down, I probably spend my time and energy on the various endeavors as follows:
70% kid's TV show
20% Betty Boop project
10% gay weekly illustrations

This seems like a good breakdown, but I find myself wanting to merge the parts into a whole. You see, each slice of the pie fulfills a different need. The kid's show fulfills my quest to do something instructive and inspiring for others, the Betty Boop project fulfills my desire to do something more conceptual and artsy, and the gay weekly illustrations... well... I suppose they fulfill a need to service a community. The plan, my friends, is to eventually merge all of these goals into one focused concentration!

Until then, I decided to post a whole slew of illustrations I've done recently for the gay weekly. While I don't know if I consider these my best pieces, I think most of them do their job while still remaining true to me. The tricky thing about these assignments is that they accompany a column that usually focuses on sex and sexuality (it gets old after a while). While drawing dirty pictures is fun, I find that it doesn't lead to much income as an artist, so I've had to be subtle and delicate with the issues conveyed in these assignments. Hopefully, the following drawings illustrate their point without being too tasteless!

Can you guess what this one is about?

How about this one? That face on the screen looks predatory, yes?

Pull up a chair, because they'll probably get sillier and more suggestive as we go...

This one's gotta' be obvious.

I wonder what kind of personal accessory this one's about?

Are you feeling like a virgin or a whore today? Or both?

Don't you hate size comparisons?

Need I say a word?

Alright, time to clean up.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to catch a bunny

I hope you all had a Happy Easter! This blog is becoming heavy on pictures and short on words. It's not because I haven't had thoughts to share... I just can't seem to find the time to write them down!