Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Birth of Cartoon Curio

Wafting to the shores of cyberspace as an antidote to boredom, Cartoon Curio welcomes you.

This is another bloggy blog, but this one is devoted to:

1. my personal ramblings
2. my illustrated madness
3. the peculiar observations of an adult child lost in New York

I hope this creates a dialogue between me and my good friends in Atlanta, my family, my new friends in New York, and any interested cartoon/illustration/design enthusiasts out there. Feel free to pour out your soul in a comment. I might even try to psycho-analyse it.

I love you.


andrea said...

welcome to the wonderfully blog-a-licious world of bloggedy-blog-blog-blogging! we are so lucky to have you. and I consider it a sacred honor to be the first to comment.

(years from now, when you are celebrating the success of catoon curio, I will expect some sort of special recognition)

Ward Jenkins said...

Oh, of COURSE Andrea gets to comment first! Oh well, I always knew you liked her better than me, Justin.

Looking forward to seeing what you have to share with us, my dear friend! Congrats to you and here's to a happy new 2006!

Jazzy Justin said...

Oh WOW guys! Thanks for visiting! I miss you both equally...yes, equally, Wardo. I sure wish you coulda' been with me at that PIXAR exhibit. I thought of you immediately, along with several other Primal people who would have eaten it up. Please fly up to see it, pleeeaaase...

gloria said...

Justin, I'm so glad you saw the Pixar exhibit! David and I saw it over Xmas weekend. We weren't sure if you had seen it since I knew you hadn't used your MOMA membership yet. I was going to call and see if you wanted to see the exhibit with us over the New Year weekend - of course we both fell ill... we didn't exactly rock the New Year as a result.

Let me know when you no longer see pink!