Sunday, September 10, 2006

Working hard for the money

Something smells moldy in here...

My blog has fallen into decay recently. I apologize. I've been so bad, I haven't found enough time to write (i.e. post self indulgent illustration samples). But, how's this for an excuse...I've been too busy with work! Since I've been working so hard, I've also needed to PLAY hard as well! That's why my blog has been neglected. a month ago I dove head first into the freelance lifestyle, and now I'm getting too much work! (Which is a more desirable problem to have) but I'm having to learn to PRIORITIZE and manage my time. I'm also learning how to say "no" to undesirable projects, which is hard, because usually the crappy (advertising) jobs pay more than the FUN (indie) jobs. This is my dilemma. Sooner or later, I hope to get to the point where I'm only taking the cool jobs. In the meantime, check out my reel on my website, and hire me to make something snazzy.

Justin Winslow

I might continue my break from my blog for a while...I have a new apartment to hunt for, since they're making my current building into a hotel (and I'm afraid the hotel will be nicer). Got any leads?


Ward Jenkins said...

No worries, Justin! I always enjoy seeing the latest on what you're working on or just what you're doodling, no matter when you post.

Hey man, I've been trying to get a hold of you via email lately, but I get that nasty email bounce-back. Call me at work, or something?

Keep it up, buddy. Good to see that you're busy!

piero said...

when you are in trouble go to china town and look for a good chinese back massage;) if i were you , i would look for a loft to renovate...!

andrea said...

oh, I know.. I KNOW... our recent move zapped me of any and all creativity. just now finding my way back to blogland. ah, blogland. I have missed you. *sniff sniff*

glad to hear you're getting so much work, my friend. stinks about the moving, though. maybe some fabulous place will fall into your lap, eh? keep us posted. xo

Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks for the love and support folks. I'm happy to say I JUST found a new apt – a 2 bdrm in Little Italy. You're welcome to stop by anytime (apart from when you're not in Atlanta...or Italy!)

Slimbolala said...