Monday, June 19, 2006

Behold, The Incredible, Ingenious, Glittering Jeff

Where does one start when describing Jeff? I've been meaning to post about him for well over a month now, and haven't found the proper words (and kept making excuses). He can't be fully described or appreciated through a measly blog post, but here's a beginning...

Jeff breezed into town at the beginning of April and stayed with me for a looong getaway weekend. It's truly a testament to our friendship that we have remained on the same page all this time since art school. We're still best buds, ex-roommate survivors, colleagues in art, and partners in crime. Besides two other people I've posted about on this blog, he's my longest running best friend. He knows me inside and out, and totally gets me. He knows my strengths and my weaknesses. He knows all my neurotic insanity, my quirks, and funny ticks. Even though he's lived in Chicago for the past (seven?) years, and I've been in Atlanta (and now NY), we still get along just like old times. This was proven to me last Fall when he visited me in Atlanta, and this Spring when he visited me here. I can't express how badly I wish he would move to this city! (Hint, hint, c'mon Jeff)

We met freshman year of college, and we've been as thick as thieves ever since. From the very beginning, I've been dazzled by his electric personality, acerbic wit, and rebelious stance on life. He's the kind of badass friend you want to skip classes with, sneak over to the mall with, try on ridiculous clothes, have a few drinks, make fun of people, take in an obscure foreign film, discuss philosophy, and then possibly end the evening enjoying raunchy performances at your local male strip club while rehashing the arthouse fare you took in earlier. I've learned so much from Jeff. He was the spice I desperately needed in my life at eighteen, when I first arrived at art school. I was SUCH a goody-two-shoes back then! Jeff helped bring me out of my shell, and draw out my fun-loving, mischievious side. I only hope I've entertained, inspired, and possibly guided him as much as he has for me, as a friend, an artist, and a fellow thirty-year old (GASP!)

What's really remarkable about Jeff is his duality. He's like the bad kid in the neighborhood, always getting you into trouble, only Jeff also has a highly responsible, driven, and ambitious side as well. He's an amazing artist and filmmaker. I admire him for sticking to his guns, and not compromising his vision with his artmaking. He recently finished a feature length independant film titled "Into It", and is busy shopping it around to film festivals and the like. I think he's going to break out BIGTIME any year now, and I plan to go to the opening screenings of his films. I consider him a modern John Waters, multiplied by Gregg Araki, divided by Gus Van Sant in the making! I adore the dark, twisted, ironic humor in his work.

You can even IMDb him: just click here!
Jeff amazes me, and I can't wait to see what he does next.

Here's yet another pic. This one depicts his softer, sweeter side.
(right?) He's practically a gay male Cindy Sherman, capable of slipping into whatever role necessary to create a stirring film still or photograph. Here's to Jeff: a magnificent actor, performer, artist, and filmmaker...

...and of course, one helluva friend!