Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer Slacking

Summer is here and I've officially become a bad blogger.

But here's some Summer sketches to look at (to prove that at least I'm doing SOME work). They're devoid of life right now, but they'll eventually have puppets frolicking within them.


Anonymous said...

cool pool sketch! it's not that often you get to see a pool illo where the artist shows the shimmering pool surface AND the steps, drain & what-not that lie beneath that surface. I LOVE THIS drawing for that reason most of all!

i also dig the saskwatch <--- (how 'bout dat spelling?) looking character on the pool dressing room. does that mean that only the folks shaped like this figure get to swim & all others will be turned away at the gate? hee hee!

very groovy drawing justin! i love the coney island rollercoaster sketch too. OH HECK - i love to get lost in ALL of you drawings. . . . now where's muh swim trunks!!??


saul said...


you can totally draw your ass off... man these are sweeet.. if i could sketch like that I'd dance in the streets, as it is I'm all about the finish, my sketches suck (seriously)

Jazzy Justin said...

Valarie, thank you so much for the sweet comments. I sure miss ya. I was watching the puppeteers for the show I'm working on, and was thinking how that's yet another area where I could see you working your magic. I'll never forget how you brought my Easter bunny drawing to life that time with your hilarious voice-over!!! Remember? It's so cool to get art insights from you cuz you're such a talent. PLEASE let me know when your children's book comes out! Maybe we'll have to collaborate someday on a kid's book about the "Saskwatch" figure I drew!! Haha

Saul, THANKS! I'm deeply honored, my friend, to get such kudos from a fellow digital artist. I really appreciate it. I need to find a way to showcase more of my sketches in addition to digital work, because I do love sketching by hand. Your compliment makes me want to sketch more, actually. It's funny, the difference between working by hand and working digitally. I like both, and like the outcome of both, but it's hard to find a nice middle ground. I think you've found a nice, polished niche for yourself.

cutesypoo said...

i really like your sketches,
what puppets?

good stuff!