Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Dating Game

I'll let you guess what this illustration is about.

I like how silly it turned out, despite the subject matter.


stefy said...

the game tv of the couple?
In Italy there was this game… it was a great success in the Italy (1985)!
compliment for the illustration, is beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hy Justin!
GooD swiiing for your next ilustrations. I stopped right now fotomino - arquipinta for university compliance, anyway see u soon! Mino's ByEz

piero said...

let me guess...behind fast love are hidden many sexual diseases...?
by the way is this an italian chat room? ;)

Jazzy Justin said...

Hey you guys, thanks for guessing! You pretty much nailed it, piero...and stefy, it sounds like you got the jist. Thanks for the compliment. I'm happy to have comments from visitors hailing from Italy! I'll have to make a trip over there sometime...I've never been. I hear you guys have all the best art and this true?