Wednesday, December 06, 2006


hula seventy and her visual love affair with all things red has inspired me yet again.

Over at selfportraitchallenge, they announced this month's theme was the color RED. Seems fitting, considering Christmas is right around the corner. But beyond that, I think red is MY new favorite color. It used to be blue for it's calming quality, then I switched to green to match my eyes, but now...I dig red.

I staged a little scene of favorite red things above. There I am, smiling like some sort of evil, impish Christmas elf, gazing at the camera from my pile of accumulated red knick-knacks. (I think I need separate rooms for knick-knacks of every different color.)

But lets go back to Red. It's so vibrant! So urgent! So fiesty and fun! Firetrucks! Fireworks! Flamenco dancers!

Red means STOP!
Red means danger!
Red means emergency!

Did you know:
The eye is most sensitive to the color red.
Women can differentiate more shades of red than men.
Red light has a wavelength range of roughly 625–760 nm. Frequencies lower than this are called infrared, or below red and cannot be seen by human eyes, although some infrared frequencies can be felt as heat.

Is there any wonder why I love it so? What living, flesh and blood creature wouldn't respond to red?


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I must inform you that after viewing your photographic representation and deciphering your letter-based method of communication I was moved to a state of ire. In short, I saw red. Please desist from such activity in future postings and return to the always phlegmatic tones of blue.
respecfully yours,

Jazzy Justin said...

Hey you! I appreciate the gentle nudge back towards blue...SOMEONE has to keep me in line! What was I thinking?! ; )

Miss ya much this holiday season. Perhaps I can steal you and Frances away to Chinatown! I've been shopping for "ancient Chinese secret mind control herb" to slip in your coffee while you're in town...

piero said...

red is also the colour of dollars...just kidding. hope to see the illustration inspired by this red
liaison...meanwhile i'll have a chinese back massage in the area

Mark Ackland said...

Hey Junky!...Junky?

How are things?

I am going to be dropping you a line about a show I'm thinking about trying to put on...

Mark Ackland said...

Can you e-mail me your e-mail address...

Jazzy Justin said...

You're right piero! I forgot to mention that red is the Chinese color of money and fortune!

Can you tell Chinatown is rubbing off on me? I'll have to find a massage parlor as well...

Also, thanks Mark! I'm flattered to be included in a T-shirt art show. Thanks for adding me to the list.

andrea said...

oh, I just love that you did this! lovelovelove.