Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That lecherous ferret was really there.

Recently, I attended the fabulous Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. It was GREAT. It's the most playful and theatrical life-drawing session I've ever sat through. I highly recommend going if you want to spice up your sex...er...I mean artistic life. Besides, it's always fun to draw naked people.

I even won something! Every Dr. Sketchy's session has opportunities for the artists to compete for prizes. For example, not only were we asked to depict the model pictured in the drawing above...BUT...we also had to creatively incorporate a "lecherous ferret" into the tableaux. They blasted Duran Duran and the cheesecake farmgirl model struck various naughty poses as we sketched. Once it was over, various drawings were selected for a group vote. I came in first and won a cd! Despite being a big homo, I think I managed to make the little lass rather fetching, no? (But I think I drew her head too small for her body.)

More fun stuff is coming up this weekend too. Saturday, I can't decide between the Coney Island Mermaid Parade or the 2007 MoCCA Art Festival at the Puck Building. Both look interesting and fun. On Sunday, I'm looking forward to gawking at NYCs gay pride parade, which can always be counted on for a spectacle. I'd love to sketch it too. Maybe a float will pass by with beefy musclemen dancing with a lecherous ferret. One can only hope.