Sunday, July 01, 2007

NYC Gay Pride 2007!

This Pride post is a little late, but better late than never! Edson and I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Pride festivites, and I just wanted to throw a few images from our colorful experience up on the blog. I've attended many, many Pride celebrations in my life, but this was one of my first in New York, and it was great fun. The Parade was a complete blast, and it began with this gender-bending (hobo?) below. He really made our day.

And what Pride parade is complete without it's own larger-than-life rainbow flag, fluttering down the street like a giant roll of toilet paper, marking the city like a juvenille vandalizing their neighbor's yard? Fun times!

Who wouldn't love a weekend where grown men dress like their favorite baby dolls from childhood? This is what makes America great, I tell you. I'm dying to have tea party with these little sweethearts. Aren't they adorable?

Here we have one of the many obligatory floats filled with beautiful man-candy. Do you think they're modeling Delta's new pilot/steward uniforms? I need to trade in my Sky-miles...

And I just love this guy...he's so super-jazzed to be there. I don't know how these guys on stilts do it.

This made me want to cry. It reminded me of MY two Moms. I miss my Mom and her girlfriend and wished they could have marched with me.

Okay, now this guy's got absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever. I'm not sure what he was going for, but you gotta' give him credit for going after it fearlessly. I just hope he used sunscreen.

Here's our friend, Luz, posing as well. Love those voodoo death-skulls in the headdress. Did this dude dance out of some sort of Amazonian witch-doctor tribe? It's so "Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom".

After the parade, we were exhausted, and I was sun-burnt, so we stopped by one of our favorite West Village cafes for drinks and dinner. Our buddy Armando, and Jay and his boyfriend joined us to relax. It was the perfect end to a great day. I love these guys!


David DeGrand said...

Wow! Although I'm as straight as an arrow I'll admit this looks like a ton of fun! This really reveals the differences between New York and Texas, needless to say I don't think we'll be seeing anything like this in Fort Worth anytime soon. I'm going to forward this to one of my best friends (who's gay and lives here in Fort Worth) to convince him he needs to go check out one of these parades. Thanks for sharing Justin!

tirui said...

fun! and those purple feathers are stunning.

Ward Jenkins said...

And you want me to come back to visit New York? Ha ha! Just kiddin' -- I agree with David, even though I'm straight as can be, the NY Pride parade looks like a big hoot! Looks like you guys had a great time.

Hey man, we miss you here in Portland!

mar said...

Funny illustration!!, and I agree with the others, it seems like a lot of fun... We have one in argentina, but it´s not as elaborated as this one.
Loved the umbrella´s picture, I want one of those!!!
See ya!

horseedteam said...

o god you may think you having fun but like god said dont try to be what god did not make you , if you are a man be a man . Seeing something like this it tells you the end is near. so try to ask god for forgiveness. i have to thank god who make me a man and give me a life.