Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Doomed Relationship?

Hey, check out the awesome take on my unicorn character by Albert Pardo. He's an incredibly talented animator who does work for the kid's show I design backgrounds for. I'm honored that someone would do a stylization of one of my characters... and a hilariously silly one, at that!


mar said...

poor unicorn!
Oh my god!! I Love the hat the unicorn wears to sleep!!!
Congratulations for the character stylization!
I also liked the sketches you did on your vacations. They´re beautiful.
See ya

Jocelan Thiessen said...

i like the unicorns hat!

tirui said...

i love this!! and that framed kitten is adorable.

David DeGrand said...

Another great strip, man I can't get enough of these! I must say I think the robot did a really great design job, I'd rather live in his version of the house than the unicorn's (just my personal preference). I think I'll try my hand at your characters in my next post, maybe we can start a new trend with all your readers!

:: smo :: said...

i actually found you though al's blog! these unicorn robot cartoons are hilarious! great work!!

i love how you work in photos like the kitten and their visions of each other when they first meet!

Alina Chau said...

HE!! HE!! Love yout characters!

Ellis Nadler said...

great strip.
Is that a condom on the "horn" in frame 3?

this Just in said...

Thanks's such encouragement. Thanks mar, jocelan, tirui, david, ::smo::, alina, and ellis.

...and yes, ellis, it's a condom. :)

Chris Battle said...

Ha-- anyone who's done tha co-habitation thing knows this to be THE TRUTH.