Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Little Ditties

Hey folks, I've been gone a few days vacationing in Provincetown. It was a beautiful Labor Day weekend. I hope you all had a pleasant one as well.

I'm workin' on more adventures with Robot & Unicorn, so sit tight! For now, I'm posting a little doodle that was half-way transformed into a finished illustration. When will the people at work realize I need to devote ALL my time to these Mythfits??? ;)

In addition to that, here's a few sketches from NY City and the beach!

There's really no better place than NY to draw strange people...well, maybe Las Vegas?

Ugh...the woman on the right ended up out of proportion. She was supposed to have more of a midsection than that.

You know what I realized while sketching on the beach? There sure are a lot of fat Americans out there.

Below is a photo of my friend, Luciane, who I sketched above while lying on the beach. She liked the finished drawing, so I'm going to give it to her eventually. (Don't tell her, but we're also trying to find her a girlfriend! She's single, ladies!)

It was great to relax in the sand and practice some figure drawing, although I think my drawing of Lu came out a bit stiff...but I like the movement in her hair and skirt. Gotta' loosen up.

I'm trying not to get sunburned.

Fishing sure looks boring to me.


David DeGrand said...

All right! More Mythfits!! I like how they look like they're having so much fun together, another fun drawing. I'm really impressed with your loose sketches, it's cool to see some samples from your sketchbook to see how you can loosen up, a nice contrast to your finished illustrations. Great job on the sketch of your friend, I agree it could be a little looser but a super fine job nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

lovely drawings, including the illo collaboration in the previous post.

this Just in said...

Hey David, I'm definitely bringing out more Mythfits. Thanks for responding so well to them. I'm glad you found my other sketches interesting too. Every now and then, I like to post the rough stuff.

Rebekit, thanks for the compliment. I can see you appreciating the illustrations in the previous post...since you're a stylish fashion illustrator yourself.

alex noriega said...

I love the unicorn and robot stories... such a great mix of icons... great concept and funny as hell... Im a first timer here... and very glad that you have a link to my blog!

gilda said...

you guys are so cute. and i'm really envious of your talent!! those sketches is like fine art to me and would take me HOURS!!! i had to do some croquis for school yesterday and nearly pulled my hair out. it is so frustrating for me cos drawing isn't one of my talents and i have so much ideas in my head, i'm finding it hard to transfer to paper. will check back again. i love your comic strips and the little...shit. heh heh!