Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Something Totally Different

A week ago, Edson and I did our first collaboration. The end result is definitely a hybrid of both of our styles! We were approached to create illustrations for AVENUE magazine. The article we were to illustrate was about a snotty Madison Avenue book party. These two illustrations are the end result. Edson whipped up several of his stylish fashion figures and I designed the apartment backgrounds and furnishings. The color palate and the fabric textures applied to each figure's outfit were decided by both of us working together, scanning in various textures. I think we're pretty happy with the end result...but even more so, we're thrilled that we can work together successfully! It really requires careful compromising and sensitivity to work with another artist. I'm glad we didn't step on each other's toes!

The illustration above was the opening illustration of the article, and an introduction to the party crowd. The illustration below depicts the main character, a stylish Charleston, South Carolina woman visiting New York, and how she took pleasure in the fact that the host was unaware of the mousy salesgirl who was ruining a priceless designer desk with a rusty cash drawer.


Lauren Kate said...

Wow - these are absolutely fantastic!!!
It is always hard working with someone else - especially a friend - but this has payed off.
Absolutey stunning, and oh so classy illustrations.
More please!!!

David DeGrand said...

Holy crap!! This is amazing!! You guys have perfectly blended both of your talents and have come up with a gorgeous illustration, reminds me of all of those classic mag illustrations from the 50's-60's. You 2 need to collaborate more if the results are this fantastic!

How about some more comic strips?

this Just in said...

Hey thanks a lot you guys. It's cool to hear that our collaborated illos look retro! We're definitely going to work together again if another job comes up. it's nice to work in a style that's different from time to time.

...and this stuff is in no way interrupting my flow of strips! There's definitely more to come, and thansk for asking. I'm working on a couple different story scenarios... :)

mushroommeadows said...

You did an amazing job with the background. I love the way you muted it...so subtle but still so vibrant. You DO know how to use colors!

Mrs. R said...

I love the "hybrid" it mixes retro, classy, and modern all in one. I love it.

mar said...

Sometimes it can be so hard to work with someone else but you guys did great!, the result is impecable (hopefully that´s the word for what I´m trying to say...)
It´s beautiful