Monday, August 06, 2007

A New Endeavor

As an Illustrator, I get told what to draw a lot (duh). It's not usually what I would sit around sketching at home, so lately I've been experimenting with character creation. For some reason these two little guys keep showing up in my doodles! I always loved unicorns. I always loved robots. Maybe I'll do a little cartoon with them.


David DeGrand said...

Hey Justin, got my postcard today and what do I see on it but a unicorn and a robot! WAY COOL!!! Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate you taking the time to send it and I can say that I have some of the first drawings of your soon-to-be-famous robot and unicorn team. I look forward to seeing more of these guys, thanks again buddy!

enigma said...

hehhee--that's funny and sweet! good luck with the cartoon! :) love the art for kids below too, it's really cool!

tirui said...

love it! i see a series of short films!! very cute :)

Kei Phillips said...

hehehe these are soo cute! i adore them! :D

Chris Battle said...

Those are awesome! They need to be a t-shirt or something.

Check out this and the following 3 pics to see the work of someone similarly afflicted.

this Just in said...

Thanks so much you guys. It's very encouraging to get positive feedback on my little characters. It let's me know there might be something to the idea.

David - I'm so glad you liked the postcard! I had fun making it! and thanks so much for the flattery! Wow.

Enigma - You're so sweet. Thanks for the good luck! Glad to know it might have funny potential.

Tirui - Thanks! :D I think you really get me! Love your stuff too.

Kei - Thanks! Glad it made you smile! I want them to be simultaneously cute but hopefully, they hit that mark.

Chris - Thanks for the compliment and suggestion! I might just do that...put them on a Tshirt. Also, THANK YOU so much for alerting me to another artist creating a similar concept. I need to hurry and get mine out there.