Monday, August 13, 2007

...Then a Robot Appeared.

Here's part two of the beginning of my strip. I hope you like it.

Note: first panel best viewed while imagining Richard Strauss's "Also sprach Zarathustra" (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) playing in your head.

Yeah, yeah...I know, that's a tired cinematic cliché, but it makes it all the more ridiculous.


Kei Phillips said...

hehehe this is cool and funny, love the colours!

thanks 4 the comments! :D

mushroommeadows said...

That's sooooooooooo cute!

David DeGrand said...

Wow, I am absoutely in love with your comic strip! I love how you used the realistic pictures of the robot and unicorn in this strip, and once again the way you use color blows my mind. You have to keep doing these and put them in a book or something, you're really onto something with this. Great job once again!

Pajarraco said...

I love the way you use the color. Buen trabajo.

mar said...

The robot is so cute!
It´s great when you can develope your own projects.
I like it like it.
See ya!
(Thanks for your comments, they´re a very nice feedback and always make me feel good)

C.Edwards said...

Beautiful work, as usual.

this Just in said...

Kei - Thank you! I'm glad you like the colors. Do you think the line weight is too thick? I'm debating that...

Mushroommeadows - ^_^ So glad you think so! I'm going for that place where cute meets silly meets deranged.

David - It means a lot to hear this from you considering you have strips as well. I plan to keep these up. I'm going to see where it goes and have fun with it. Your work always makes me do you think this has humor/story potential?

Pajarraco - Thanks man. I totally dig your line quality. Your colors are fantastic, too.

Mar - You're the sweetest! Glad to gear you like this and my comments. I like leaving them for someone who has interesting details in their drawings.

C.Edwards - Thank you. Yours too.

David DeGrand said...

Hey Justin, thanks for the compliment in your comment. Doing strips is tough but I think you've hit on a really unique and fun concept with these guys, I definately see story potential in these two if you keep developing their relationship and putting them into whatever situations you feel like dreaming up. The strip looks too gorgeous not to continue with it, can't wait to see more from you my man!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

hey this idea is great! haha! so cute!