Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Getting Stuffed

It's a little late for a Thanksgiving related post, but this illustration I did reflects a writer's recent holiday experience. It should be running in the upcoming issue of the New York Press (hopefully with a CREDIT). His reverie described his excitement and anxiety surrounding his first attempt at cooking a turkey for his family. The outcome was successful, but there was much self-doubt and rigorous turkey cavity stuffing involved. Meanwhile, his girlfriend was obsessed with finding Pilgrim shaped candles for table decor. Hope you like it! I think I successfully channeled my own cooking anxiety into the finished piece. :)

Enjoy the holiday season!


David DeGrand said...

Nice illustration! I like how the candle pilgrims have a look of horror on their face as they watch the turkey get violated. I really like the contrast of the two styles of illustration also, superb job sir!

Thanks a bunch for actually listening to my little radio interview, it was a lot of fun but as you can tell I have a hard time talking about my work. Thanks also for the nice comments as always, you're such a great blog bud!

Mrs. R said...

This was the first year I really paid attention to how the turkey is prepared. I dont think I would ever be able to do it.

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