Thursday, February 23, 2006

Censored by a gay weekly!

Yup. I did this little illo for an article in a gay weekly and it got censored. My art director replaced what was on the tv screen with less "outre" imagery. Tee hee!

I love it. I'm getting censored now! Wheeeeeeee...
luckily, he did a nice job of it, replacing the "frolicsome" movie scenario with a softcore photograph, instead.

(I added the "censored" bar for my own effect...and kinda' like it this way!)


piero said...

nice drawings and backgrounds you got in here...especially this last one

andrea said...

dude, you have officially 'arrived'. you've been censored and have lived to tell about it!

Mark Ackland said...

cool stuff man! Are yo uworking on an animated show?

Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks you guys. I'm flattered to be censored, yet still appreciated!

piero - YOU have gorgeous color work. I'm glad you've taken to my cutesy porn viewer (or maybe he's the star?) !

andrea - You are so sweet, commenting on my posts the way you do. I feel so understood. I miss you, and believe you need your own Harari album cover cameo!!!

"And you can dance...for inspiration...c'mon!" -Madonna (haha)

mark ackland - Thanks man. I don't work on an animated show, but I am designing backgrounds for a kid's tv puppet show program. They wanted UPA-styled, Power Puffy stuff, so I jumped on board. Otherwise, I also do freelance illustration. may I just say: I'm a big fan of your work!

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