Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cover your virgin eyes!

This post is for my cutie drinking buddy, Alea, who asked what was under the "CENSORED" bar! Dirty, dirty, dirty!


LaughWhore said...

You bad boy, you!!!:0 Not so completely unrelated, I fell into some moolah, so next drinking/dancing night is all on me. I'll even be a good date and buy you to dinner before I take advantage of you on the dance floor.

BTW, love the new cartoon curio illo.


James Palmer said...

AHHHHHHHH!!! This image has warped my fragile little mind!! Just kidding. Art Directors can be a finicky lot can't they?

Ward Jenkins said...

What's the big deal? Just a nice simple back massage, right?

paublo said...

great stuff here!!! i love the story of "the craziest night of your life". thanx for sharing!

piero said...

this illustration is an offense against american decency. I will call the authorities delegated and ask for this blog to be censored or closed.:D

Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks people!

laughwhore - whooo hoooo, I can't wait!!!

james - sorry about the mind warp-age!!! haha

ward - right, just a simple back massage...riiiiggght.

paublo - thanks, man! glad you liked my hollywood story!

piero - please don't alert bush...pleeeaaassseee! ; )

andrea said...

naughty naughty!

Stan said...
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