Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The weather is getting warmer as Spring really sets in. I finally got out and took a little walk in Central Park this past weekend. It was really relaxing. It's funny how here in this city, nature is neatly contained within a squared-off, 843 acre plot in the middle of Manhatten, surrounded by concrete, buildings, and bustling traffic. An oasis in the midst of so much chaos. Since I have so many allergies, this is probably the best scenario for me, because I always got sick on family camping trips growing up in the South. But even though I hated them at the time, I've come appreciate those nature excursions from my childhood. It's important to go out and take advantage of all that lush, organic goodness now and then. Seeing all that green really came in handy for this week's show sketches. So thanks for getting me out of the house, and into the woods every once in a while as I grew up, Dad.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this nature scene, man! looks like the froggie has an idea! and i totally agree with mark. this scene is drawn just right. great textures & movement galore. YOU DA MAN!!!

hmmmm... wonder if you know who i am...

Jazzy Justin said...


...I tried to guess who you are...but...I don't know.

How about more hints?

Anonymous said...

oh heck!
thought you might know -
here's another hint...
it's v!

i've never blogged b-4 so this is all freaksville to me.
like - other people can read this.

feels like i've left my "unmentionables" hangin' out on the line for all god's green earth to examine.


Jazzy Justin said...

HEY! Now I know who this is! Thanks for the comments. Good to hear from you.

I know what you mean about the paranoia of blogging. But don't worry, I only put out there what I want people to read...I would never publish anything that I would feel embarrased about someone reading, so it's no big deal.

In fact, it's nice to hear other people's opinions on things, so that's what's nice about blogging.