Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now we're cookin'

I wanna be the Donna Reed of Photoshop Backgrounds. I want my animated friends to come home to a hot meal, in an immaculately decorated home. They can sit at the table regaling me with the day's adventures, as I make cookies. I'll smile demurely and say things like, "Oh, you!" and "How about seconds, honey?" and "Can we get an Electrojuicer Deluxe like the Jones' have, pleeeeaaaase dear?"

Back in reality, this is yet another background for the secret show I'm working on.


Anonymous said...

okay - what i dig mostest about this cartoon background is the view that one has out of the various and sundry polka dot clad windows! ... makes me extremely happy! the wide open spaces betwixt the kitchen sink and the countertop in the foreground make me feel like these two locations MUST have separate zip codes & i LOVE IT! (verrry 1950's-ish).

can ya russle me up some flapjacks mrs. cleaver? me & the beave are mighty hungry!



Jazzy Justin said...

Hey, thanks, v! I'm glad the view makes you happy. I was attempting to create these backgrounds in a modern style with a heavy 50's influence.

I was watching some of the puppeteers for this show, and I was thinking how you would be so great as a puppeteer, what with your performing ability and voice talent!

Let me know how your kid's "project" (don't worry, I'm keeping it secret) turns out!


Ward Jenkins said...

Oh Justin, you know I just LOVE this! Miss your incredible talent down here, buddy.

Jazzy Justin said...

Awww...thanks, Ward. I miss my favorite Primal coworkers from time to time (you being one of the most talented, for sure). You know, I was thinking about you when I wrote the post for this, because it reminded me of the animated short we never got to make about your 50's housewife character. It's too bad we never collaborated on that! I really appreciate the compliment on the illo, too.

Ward Jenkins said...

Don't worry, Justin, Midge is still alive and kicking. She just needs a little bit more time to cook (ha!). And I still would love to have you help me out on it some day.

You know, I found some nice print outs of background tests from the Quickdraw retromercial that we did together. I swear those were some great backgrounds! I'll have to scan them for you.

andrea said...

I could use a little of that photoshop magic in my real life right now! wouldn't that be great?

you're the master, my friend.