Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Adore Lepore

Since my last post was about Barbie, it seems natural to do a post about New York City's own LIVING Barbie doll, Amanda Lepore. She's become a fixture in the city's nightlife, but for a newcomer, there's nothing like spotting her for the first time in person! Whoa...I was knocked back..about five feet, seeing her in the Tokyo-chic setting of Hiro. She was sitting with a very exclusive looking group in the lounge area, looking very other-worldly in her tiny little French-dominatrix-artist ensemble.

Just google her name, and you'll see what I mean. I read a quote from someone who considers her "the Rosa Parks of our generation" for transexuals. While I think that statement is a bit over-the-top and (insane!), you have to marvel at the attention she commands in a crowd. Even photographs of her elicit extreme reactions. She's walking sculpture. A living cartoon. A blow-up doll of glossy, plastic, bombshell style.

Photographer David Lachapelle considers her his muse...

...although, middle-America probably finds her revolting.

I think she looks great, and I just had to do a cartoon of her.


bloggernaut said...

U CANT REVOLT US OHIOANS, WE'S GOT THE SAT-E-LIGHT TV'S....hehe! just kidding jslow! did you know that there are a lot of trashy rednecks in ohio though? im not sure its ohio's fault, cause it is surrounded by crap. good examples of that are West Virginia, Michigan, and Kentucky! oh well.

Jazzy Justin said...

Hahaha...hey pslow, when I said middle-America, I was excluding Ohio, of course! Haha. Glad to see your blog gettin' started!

jungle jane said...

hahahaha she's amazing! i love her to bits! nice one justin - i never heard of here before today.

I want an Amanda Lapore doll! i want a cartoon done of me!

andrea said...

justin, I LOVE this. as soon as your blog popped up on my screen, I knew exactly who you were going to write about. can't believe you saw her IN PERSON. that's crazy. bet it was a surreal experience as she (herself) seems other-worldly, no?

Ward Jenkins said...

Man o man. That's wild. I've seen her before somewhere on tv, but not sure where or when. I wanna say maybe in some underground rock videos back in the mid- to late-80's, but could that've been someone else?

Bizarre! And fascinating at the same time. Imagine if SHE would have a blog?

poppy said...

that would've been such a strange experience! and that sketch of her - so fun! LOVE the shoes you gave her!

Jazzy Justin said...

Jungle Jane...thank you so much! I've been known to do commissions...(haha, shameless self-promotion)

Andrea...YES, seeing Miss Lepore was like visiting another universe, but instead of planets, there would be scenesters and socialites swirling around a giant star named Amanda, all trying to absorb her radiant fabulousness, but knowing if they orbit too closely, they might spontaneously combust.

Ward...I WISH AMANDA had a blog! I know she has a website (with a hilarious "Heatherette" video on it, by the way), but as far as the 80's rock video you speak of...that might have been someone else...?

Jan...thank you for the compliments! Especially on the shoes. I tried to make them look as insanely impractical as I could.