Monday, January 30, 2006

Got a job

In case you didn't know, I've been spending the past couple of weeks silently FREAKING OUT, looking for work. Curious Pictures no longer needed me for the Barbie project, and I was let loose into New York on a loooong break. I immediately started sending out resumes and copies of my reel to several different job listings. But I didn't hear I started to worry, "how will I pay my rent???"

Finally, someone responded. A director called me. He needed a background artist for a new children's show. He asked if I would come up with a beach scene as a test. He needed something in the style of early UPA/Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but he also refrenced the background art of the Powerpuff Girls and Camp Laslo. That sort of thing was right up my alley, so I stayed up all night sketching and working on the computer, and finally came up with a couple of samples. I sent the image posted above the next day...and he loved it!

So I got the job!!! It's for a children's show in development involving puppets, similar to Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House. I won't have to turn to prostitution after all.


Ward Jenkins said...

But you'd be such the perfect 'hooker with a heart of gold!' Congratulations on getting the job! How long is your stint? Oh, and this illustration is GREAT! Love it!

LaughWhore said...

What a great illustration!!! I so glad you didn't have to go tramping about on the railroads living out of a big red kerchief on a stick, eating nothing but baked beans.

So, yay for you!!

do nice said...

hooray!!!!! congrats justin. love the illustration and love you. i just think you are a great big hunk of talent and new york is realizing how lucky they are! (did that sound too much like a mom?) anyway, so glad for you...

bloggernaut said...

hi mom! .......good for you jslow! glad to see you get work. mom do you have a blog?

andrea said...

oh justin. this piece makes me want to up and drive the clan to the beach and never come back. you are so good.

Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks for the congrats everyone, and for the compliments on the illo. It makes me so happy that people seem to like leaving little messages on here for me. I can't tell you how much fun it is to discover a new one!

Ward---I have no idea how long this puppet show background project will last...we'll see. Hopefully, until I'm stinkin' rich. Then, I plan to spread all my millions in cash across a hotel room bed, and roll around in it, giggling histerically, and throwing hundreds across the room. If the puppet show thing doesn't work out, I'll hook my way to doing the same.

Laughwhore---I agree with you. Thank goodness I won't have to carry my belongings around with me on a stick, that would cramp my style as I work the streets. Johns don't like baked beans breath.

Do Nice---Clever name, Mom! I love it. You are, and always have been, so good to me. I love you. It breaks my heart to know that you know about my possible descent into a life of hooking.

Bloggernaut---Thanks for the birthday call. I sure miss you!!! And I can't wait to see you soon!

Andrea---When you hit the beach, let me know...I'm right there with ya'll! I need a break from the gitty city!

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