Monday, January 23, 2006

Talk Dirty, but Keep Clean

Do you like my dirty, dirty drawing?

I did it as an illustration assignment. It's a little weekly gig I got...I get to draw hunky, gay gayness for fun and money. It's one of the many things I'm able to do now that I'm not working on that Barbie movie. Slowly but surely, I'm trying to finesse and polish my illustration portfolio, so I can get closer to working SOLELY as a freelance illustrator. It's always been my get paid to draw all day. I sure hope it becomes a reality. Although, will I be able to get professional representation if I fill my portfolio with cartoons of boys in bath tubs (especially bath tubs shared with lecherous rubber ducks)?

Probably not.

That's why, if you're reading this right now, you should hire me to do an illustration for you. Haha...ha...ugh.


jungle jane said...

i love your gay illustration. he may be a drawing but i would still do him. totally. but not the duck...

ice.Blue said...


ice.Blue said...

oops... forgot to finish typing before pouncing on the enter key :)

what's up justin. glad to see that you are happy and doing ur thing in NYC. i will be there this summer to visit my sister who lives in manhattan. i know what you mean about getting paid to draw all day. i have always been thankful and felt blessed to get paid to express my creativity through design. it is indescribable when you think of how you could easily be stuck doing something you hate daily.

anyways... im gonna get back to work. stay focused and keep it moving :) i always knew you would do great things.

yak :)

LaughWhore said...

Did I love your drawing?! Um...I think I just found my new tattoo! Just Kidding, J, but the drawing is too cute.

Keep pumping out these blogs. You and like 3 other websites are the only thing that gets me through the work day and keep me from visciously maiming people with scissors and white-out.

Luv you Sweets!

bloggernaut said...

blog of war not see gay. blog of war see strong man fight duck with club. mmmmm....strong man eat duck. me like strong man! me like duck. me

andrea said...

I wish I could hire you...! for a million dollars would you follow me and the bambinos around and document our life with your fantastic illustrations? OR you could be the official illustrator of my blog!

it could happen.

Jazzy Justin said...

You guys are the sweet.

jj - Ha ha!!! I totally understand...who wants a creepy duck? - Good to hear from an old classmate! Thanks for the encouragement!

laughwhore - Comments like this keep me blogging...anything to prevent scissors and white-out violence. (So funny!!!) I'm looking forward to our party! ...and at some point, we gotta' talk tattoos!

bloggernaut -! I miss you! Come visit soon!

andrea - You bet! You, Ward, and the bambinos are ripe material for illustrations! If only we lived in a perfect world...
Thanks for the love!

do nice said...

by the way....interesting bubble placement.