Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I drew a little New Year's baby...
...maybe I'll redraw him in a year as "Old Man 2006".

So I spent my first New Year's in New York. I avoided the tourist-flooded hot spots, like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, etc, in favor for joining a few newfound friends for cocktails at their favorite gay bar, Barracuda. It's quickly becoming my fav drinking hole, as well. It's a Chelsea bar with East Village flavor: non-pretentious, colorful, and a nice mix of types. Little did we know it's not exactly most people's destination for New Year's. Small groups of guys trickled in and out all night, never staying long enough to fill up the bar. But, Jason, Oz, Keith, Jay, and yours truly stayed for the long haul. We refused to club-hop, stubbornly downing drink after drink after drink...after drink...clinked champagne glasses...kissed a stranger...downed a drink...until Jason helped me home in a cab. Immediately, I crouched down in front of my toilet, hugging its cold, smooth, porcelain curves, and praying that I would either throw up or pass out. Instead, I fell asleep on the floor of my bathroom, and awoke sometime in the early morning and moved to my bed.

This morning, I spent the first half of my day recovering from a killer headache. Is it sad that I'll be 30 in February, yet I'm still capable of nights like this? ...naaaaahhhh...Here's to the New Year!!! Bring it'awn!!!


gloria said...

I'm 46 and am sadly capable of nights like you just had! When you come up to my office for lunch, I will have my colleagues regale you with stories of my drunken euphoria followed by the nauseous stupor. It's not hard when there are so many bars in NYC. Too many bars. So little time.

New resolution: moderation!

Jason S said...

Justin, I can't sleep and thought I should take a peek at your Blog, since you seem really excited about it!
Ok, Truth be told...I am a Blog Virgin. It took me a good 10 min to figure out I had to scroll down to read what you wrote. But I am slowly figuring it out!

I like this So-called Blog. Interesting, but mostly, I appreciate your story our New Years. One my fisrt thoughts when I woke up on New Years Day (aside from OUCH, and where am I) was...God, I'm 31....this shit can't still be happening to me. But As I mentioned to you before, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just really popular!
So, officially, welcome to NY. Where the bottom of the well is never dry (Manhattan is an Island after all!) Water water everywhere.
Sadly - That will have to be one night, of many more to come - that you may desire the cold sleek feeling of porcelain next to your face. We have MANY more events to go to. All require a LOT of liquor and socializing. Why ask why. Why fight the forces of Nature? Embrace and be merry.
Apparently, as I type this, I will then need to "Choose an Identity." (as this sight requests???) I thought thats what comming out of the closet was all about, but apparently that means nothing to Blog.
Bah Hum Blog.

If I could I would choose Carmen Electra, with the vocal range of Christina Aguleria...but thats not the identity they are looking for???

Keep writing! It's good shit my friend.

SACKS said...

Hey Justin. cool blog. What are you up to these days? I see you're still cranking out amazing art. I really like your illustration style keep it up.

Alea said...

Hey Justin,
I luckily did not need to hug the sweet sweetness that is porcelain to keep the room from spinning but I still wish I could have been there. Sounds like you had a blast. I also enjoyed myself, but I probably would have goteen alot more New Years kisses if I were with you.

Smooches from me

Hello Young World! said...

Ha ha Jason is a blirgin. Your name from now on is Jerry Boy. That's Jason + Cherry Boy. Ha ha ha

Gloria... I think they got your number. Ha ha ha

Justin, you would have probably goteen a lot more kisses after I read some more of your blogs TEN TIMES because it's great.