Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anguish illustrated through hair...

Photo courtesy of The Gilded Moose

For those of you who have seen Brokeback Mountain, and share my fascination with Anne Hathaway's gradual mental breakdown, expressed by her transforming hairstyles in the film, then you MUST see the "Anne Hathaway Historical Teaching Guide"!!!

It's an old post, but it's still quite funny, and worth showing all you great people who haven't seen it yet:
The Gilded Moose


andrea said...

omg, LOVE THAT LINK. yes, her hair was a character all on its own.

Jazzy Justin said...

Funny, huh?!

I sure wish one of those four main actors had won an Oscar. Heath was smoldering, Michelle was intense, Jake was magnetic, and Anne was mesmerizingly understated!