Tuesday, March 14, 2006


We got a little taste of Spring during the past few days here in New York. It was sunny and mild all over the city. I even got a little sun, just sitting out at a cafe for lunch! I looked at my reflection in the mirror and noticed my face was all pink. It's my first burn of the season, and I'm glad I live in a city where having a deep, dark, Summer tan isn't the first thing on everyone's mind.

Ever since I was little, I've had fair, fair skin. It burns SO EASILY! Of course, I didn't help things by staying indoors most of the time, drawing at my art desk. But growing up in the South, even if you're just a little bit fair, you'll eventually be chastised for not achieving a deep, dark, golden, crusty tan. People pride themselves on it. I was even told by a group of trendoid, Atlantan fags to "catch some rays, man!" Apparently, to some people, not having enough color on your cheeks is an offense to their eyes, and they will go out of their way to tell you. I thought all the "whitey" and Casper" nicknames ended in middle school, but apparently not. I was shocked to be told that openly, in a group of supposedly open-minded, urban peers.

I was shamed into trying out a tanning bed for the first time. I guess it wasn't so bad...and maybe people would finally shut the hell up concerning my usual, blinding white glow. But boy, what a waste of time...and money...and did I say time?! Why is it the requirements and regimes for "beauty" are so damn boring? I'm happy to say I didn't keep it up for long. I saw a little difference, but my skin just didn't "take" like other people's.

But, you know what? I no longer feel like caring. While Atlantan homos walk around, all looking the same with their golden brown, leathery skin, I can sit comfortably in New York, surrounded by so many different colors of people, no one will bat an eye. And besides, who wants skin cancer anyway?

Check out my little illo on the subject. That dude's fried!


Ward Jenkins said...

Very good topic, my friend. You're right, what's up with people's fascination with the golden glow of a tanned hide? I'd much rather be up there in NYC to see so many different skin colors and tones.

LaughWhore said...

Ahhh, I remember the days when I was young and I cared not about skin cancer and such things. I would run around becoming a little chocolate drop (as my mother affectionately called me at the end of the summer)but now I am older and wiser and though I still love "catchin some rays" (god, what losers, J) I'm cool if I don't become that perfect deep honey brown color.

Anyway, sweets, you are perfect just the way you are, so screw those asshats down south who were jealous and tried to f**k with perfection!
Such a long post (sorry)

hey young world said...

Uh... rant much? I did not know white people were so hard on each other. Honey, I never thought you were pale. Blondes can never be too pale. Or too Justin. Those who don't know what that means, never will.
Never listen to haters who know that all the tans in the (George Hamilton) world wouldn't make them as cute as YOU.
Oh, & how'd you figure out I was hyw? Do I look like Slick Rick?

Jazzy Justin said...

Wow, you guys are so sweet. I really didn't mean to rant...but I can see how it sounds that way. Sorry about that. I think I was in a weird mood when I posted last.

ward - C'mon up! At least to visit.

laughwhore - you are the sweetest! I'll see you soon...

hey young world - thanks! I can always tell it's you by your particular writing style. It's a dead give-away! BTW, did I tell you your advice for "Loquacious" was brilliant?

poppy said...

hey justin i can sooooooo relate! my friends used to say they would be blinded by the whiteness of my legs when we'd pull our pantlegs up during lunch hour. and i too was sucked into the tanning bed thing; and have the wrinkles now to prove it. how annoying that peer pressure!