Monday, March 27, 2006

Lip Service

Recently, several friends and I embarked on an EATING ADVENTURE at the notorious Lips restaurant nestled deep within the West Village! Whether you live in New York or you're just visiting, I highly recommend it. I'd gone years ago and worried that this past Friday's visit wouldn't live up to the amazing time I had the first time around, but once the Cosmo-tini's got flowing and the "ladies" started performing, I knew I had nothing to worry about.

As you can tell from the photo above, yours truly was so soused, I couldn't keep my grubby paws off our "sweet and demure", little server. We were all highly impressed by her ability to take our orders, keep our Cosmo-tini's filled to the brim, and perform a show-stopping number in the middle of the dining room floor - all in 6" heels!

Perhaps as a pay-back for copping a feel of her busomy chest, I was dragged into the middle of her performance and promptly stripped of my shirt, shoved onto my knees, and forced to lick/eat whipped cream out of her crotch. There's pictures of all of this, but I deemed them too inappropriate for my blog...considering I'm too classy and demure to post that! I'm shy, people, what can I say?

But, I hope you enjoy the rest of these images from our evening. It's a night in the life of several fun-loving manhatten-ites, who I'm lucky to say are my friends. Included in the group is (based on the following pic, left to right): Yours truly, Lee (our visiting Brit) , the fabulous Dustin, her charming younger sister Purdum, the Elegant Susan, and last but not least, the ever vivacious and alluring Alea. Thanks for being so much fun, you guys! I feel surrounded by good people since moving to New York.This is a night I'll remember!


LaughWhore said...

Oh Justin, you put the head humping picture up! I can't believe you did that! I, too, am shy and demur and those pics completely belies that fact.
That was a very fun night that I will remember for a very long time.


Jazzy Justin said...

Yes, laughwhore, I sure did post the pic of you getting your head humped by the drag queen! Don't worry, darling, It's a funny pic, and a CUTE shot of you!!! You look adorable in all the pictures, and incredibly demure (at all times, of course).

Ward Jenkins said...

Justin, I'm so living vicariously through you right now. To be able to be thrown on my knees and lick whipped cream off a crossdressing server's crotch in a fun-filled West Village restaurant has been a dream of mine since I don't know when.

Good to see that you're in good hands up there. Looks like they's good people.