Thursday, March 23, 2006

Eat your vegetables!

Here's another sketch from the show I'm working on. It's a doctor's office. This is the closest I'll get to a doctor's office anytime soon, until I get health insurance! Ahhhh...the life of the freelance artist!


piero said...

cute! also the details as the aubergine in the library...ahem do you often use a T square when u draw? just kidding ;)

Jazzy Justin said...

Unfortunately, I can't claim use to a T-square! Haha...I'm just so OCD, that a lot of my lines look anal-retentively square. Actually, my usual style is much more fluid, and curvatious. I'm doing these show background sketches with hard angles to mimic retro UPA styling. Typically, I don't care for hard-edged work devoid of curves. It symbolizes a lack of yin in an art world filled with too much yang, if you know what I mean.